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Difference between AC pump and variable frequency pump


How to choose a water pump for different fish tanks? Choose AC or variable frequency pump?


let's compare the advantages and disadvantages of AC pumps and variable frequency pumps:

1. In terms of price, AC is cheap/frequency conversion water pump is expensive.


2. The 100W AC pump is 3000L, but the DC variable frequency water pump only needs 30W. According to the power saving of 70W, it can save 650 degrees a year in operation.


3. The direct current uses a 12/24V water pump with a voltage much lower than the safety voltage of 36V, and the alternating current is 220V. If there is a leakage, the variable frequency pump is very safe to use.


4. The mute level of DC variable frequency water pumps can reach below 20dB, and AC water pumps are generally greater than 40dB.


Generally speaking, DC frequency conversion is expensive, but in terms of long-term and various advantages, the fish tank water pump should choose frequency conversion water pump. The key is power saving, mute and safe.

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