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Application scope of water pumps

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From the perspective of the performance range of the pump, the flow rate of a giant pump can reach hundreds of thousands of cubic meters per hour, while the flow rate of a metering pump and a micro pump is less than tens of milliliters per hour; the pressure of the pump can range from normal pressure to as high as 19.61Mpa( 200kgf/cm2) above; the lowest temperature of the liquid being transported is below -200 degrees Celsius, and the highest can reach above 800 degrees Celsius. There are many types of liquids delivered by pumps, such as water (clean water, sewage, etc.), oil, acid and alkali, suspension, and liquid metal.

In the production of the chemical and petroleum sectors, most of the raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products are liquids. The use of fire pumps to make the raw materials into semi-finished and finished products requires complicated technological processes. In these processes, the pumps are used to transport liquids and provide chemical reactions. The effect of pressure and flow. In addition, pumps are used to regulate temperature in many devices.


In agricultural production, pumps are the main drainage and irrigation machinery. The rural area of our country is vast, and a large number of pumps are needed every year in rural areas. Generally speaking, agricultural pumps account for more than half of the total pump output.

In the mining and metallurgical industries, pumps are also the most used equipment. The mine needs to use pumps to drain water. In the process of beneficiation, smelting and rolling, pumps are needed to supply water first.

In the power sector, nuclear power plants require nuclear main pumps, secondary pumps, and tertiary pumps, and thermal power plants require a large number of boiler feed water pumps, condensate water pumps, circulating water pumps, and ash pumps.

In the construction of national defense, pumps are required for the adjustment of aircraft flaps, rudder and landing gear, the rotation of warships and tank turrets, and the ups and downs of submarines. High-pressure and radioactive liquids, and some require no leakage from the pump.

In the shipbuilding industry, there are generally more than one hundred pumps used on each ocean-going vessel, and their types are also various. Others such as urban water supply and drainage, water for steam locomotives, lubrication and cooling in machine tools, conveying bleaching liquid and dyes in the textile industry, conveying pulp in the paper industry by self-priming pumps, and conveying milk and sugar in the food industry, etc. A large number of pumps are required.

In short, whether it is airplanes, rockets, tanks, submarines, drilling, mining, trains, ships, or daily life, pumps are needed everywhere, and pumps are running everywhere. Because of this, the pump is classified as a general-purpose machine, which is a major product in the machinery industry.

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