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What is micro water pump?

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Micro water pump refer to liquid circulation, liquid transportation or liquid pressurization, that is, the machinery that converts mechanical energy into liquid kinetic energy to achieve the purpose of pumping liquid. The pump is generally composed of a driving part and a pump body. The pump body has one inlet and one outlet. There are two interfaces. Water enters from the water inlet and exits from the outlet. Any water pump that adopts this form and is small in size and compact is called a micro water pump.

Classification of micro water pumps:

According to the working principle, it can be divided into: volumetric water pump, vane pump and other types.

Positive displacement pumps are divided into: diaphragm pumps, piston pumps, gear pumps, etc.; vane pumps are divided into: centrifugal pumps, axial flow pumps and mixed flow pumps.

micro water pump

Features of micro water pump:

1. Long service life, no maintenance, small size, high efficiency, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.

2. The stator and circuit board of the motor are potted with epoxy resin and completely isolated from the rotor, which solves the problem of water leakage caused by long-term diving of the motor-type DC water pump. It can be installed underwater and is completely waterproof.

3. The shaft of the water pump adopts high-performance ceramic shaft, which has high precision and good shock resistance. The noise is lower than 25 decibels, and the lower power can even reach below 20 decibels to achieve the mute effect.

4. The water pump can be customized according to requirements to meet special needs.

5. Multifunctional design, can be used in diving or placed outside (installation position is lower than the liquid level)

Application range of micro water pump:

It can be used for computer water cooling systems, solar fountains, desktop fountains, handicrafts, coffee machines, drinking fountains, tea brewers, wine pourers, soilless culture, showers, bidets, tooth cleaners, water heaters, water heaters and mattresses. , Hot water circulation, swimming pool water circulation filtration, foot washing surf massage tub, surf massage bathtub, car cooling circulation system, fueler, humidifier, air conditioner, washing machine, medical equipment, cooling system, bathroom products.

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