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Features of brushless DC pump

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1. The brushless DC water pump has good external characteristics and can output large torque at low speeds, so that it can provide large starting torque;

2. The brushless DC water pump has a wide speed range, and can run at full power at any speed;

3. The brushless DC pump has high efficiency and strong overload capacity, which makes it have excellent performance in the driving system;

4. The regenerative braking effect of the brushless DC water pump is good. Because its rotor is made of permanent magnet material, the motor can enter the generator state when braking;

5. The brushless DC water pump is small in size and high in power density;

6. The brushless DC water pump has no mechanical commutator and adopts a fully enclosed structure, which can prevent dust from entering the motor and has high reliability;

7. The drive control of the brushless DC pump is simpler than that of the asynchronous motor.


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