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How to choose Brushless DC pump?


The magnet and impeller of the brushless DC pump are injection molded to form the rotor of the motor. There is a shaft sleeve in the middle of the rotor, which is fixed in the shell by high-performance ceramic shaft. The stator and circuit board of the motor are potted with epoxy resin. In the pump body, there is a thin-walled isolation between the stator and the rotor, which does not need to be equipped with a traditional mechanical shaft seal, so it is completely sealed.

The torque of the motor is the magnetic field generated by the coil on the silicon steel sheet (stator) to drive the permanent magnet (rotor) to work. N (n is an even number) -level magnetization of the magnet, so that the magnet parts form a complete coupling magnetic system with each other. When the magnetic poles produced by the stator coils are opposite to the magnetic poles of the magnet, that is, the displacement angle between the two magnetic poles Φ=0, the magnetic energy of the magnetic system is the lowest at this time; when the magnetic poles rotate to the same poles, the displacement between the two magnetic poles The angle Φ=2π/n, the magnetic energy of the magnetic system is the maximum at this time. After removing the external force, since the magnetic poles of the magnetic system repel each other, the magnetic force will restore the magnet to the lowest magnetic energy state. Then the magnet moves and drives the magnetic rotor to rotate. The
brushless DC pump adopts electronic commutation and does not need to use carbon brushes. The magnet rotor and the stator silicon steel sheet have multi-level magnetic fields. When the magnet rotor rotates an angle relative to the stator, the magnetic pole direction will be automatically changed, so that the rotor always maintains the same level of repulsion. So that the brushless DC magnetic isolation pump has a higher speed and efficiency.

Brushless DC pump
The stator and rotor of the magnetic isolation pump are completely isolated, completely avoiding the liquid leakage problem of the traditional motor-type
brushless DC pump. Moreover, it can be used completely submersible and completely waterproof. The liquid medium can enter the rotor of the water pump to lubricate and take away heat, thereby effectively improving the service life and performance of the pump. 

Advantages of brushless DC pump (new magnetic isolation pump):
The magnetic pump is a kind of non-contact torque transmission through magnetic transmission, so that the static seal replaces the dynamic seal, so that the pump is completely leak-free. Because the pump shaft and inner magnetic rotor are completely enclosed by the pump body and the isolating sleeve, the problem of "running, emitting, dripping, and leaking" is completely solved, and the potential safety hazards of flammable, explosive, toxic, and harmful media leaking through the pump seal are eliminated. , Which effectively guarantees the physical and mental health of employees and safe production.

Compared with the motor-type brushless DC pump, the magnetic pump has the following advantages:
1. The pump shaft changes from a dynamic seal to a closed static seal, completely avoiding medium leakage. It can be used both amphibiously and completely waterproof. 2. There is no need for independent lubrication and cooling water, which reduces energy consumption.
3. It has low power consumption, high efficiency, and has the function of damping and vibration reduction, which reduces the impact of motor vibration on the pump and the impact on the motor when the pump occurs cavitation vibration.

Precautions for use:
1.  This water pump is a centrifugal pump and cannot automatically discharge air. It must be submerged or installed below the liquid level when using it. 
2.  Try not to run the water pump idling, because there is no medium lubrication when idling, it is easy to wear. 
3.  Try to prevent hard particles from entering the pump, otherwise it is easy to accelerate the wear of the shaft.
4.  It must be used under the rated voltage of the water pump, and if there is overpressure or other functional requirements, it should be put forward in advance.

How do customers choose brushless DC pumps:
1.  First determine the working voltage, current, head and flow rate, the size of the caliber, the maximum head of the pump generally refers to the static head without water flow when the water is pumped to the maximum head, if the customer requires the water to be pumped to a certain height and then maintained For a certain water flow, the required lift when choosing a pump must be higher than the specified pumping height. This specific is determined by the supplier according to the actual situation. Refer to the head flow curve diagram.
2.  Determine the volume and shape requirements (threaded interface, direction of water inlet and outlet, caliber size, etc.)  
3.  Determine the working environment (temperature, medium)
4.  Determine the functional requirements (time control, action control, pressure control, flow control, speed control, etc.)

Application occasions:
Small solar lotus fountain, music fountain, heating circulation system, pressurization system, circulation system, soilless cultivation, small irrigation, shower, solar water heater circulation, wall-hung boiler, car, humidifier, air conditioner, small pumping system, fish tank aquarium , Handicrafts, machine water circulation, medical equipment, circulating pumping, swimming pool water change, small farm irrigation, spraying pesticides, courtyard irrigation, household pumping, fish tank water change, fish pond aeration, agricultural water spray, small landscape, bathroom products, and Various other circulation and cooling systems, etc.

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