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How to detect the quality and performance of DC brushless water pump


Regarding the quality and performance of the DC brushless water pump, if conditions permit, the flow pressure gauge can be used to perform flow and Head detection. If there is no condition, simple DIYT can be done. The DC brushless permanent magnet motor is mainly composed of three parts: the motor body, the position sensor and the electronic switch circuit.

Visual inspection of the appearance: check the appearance of the pump for damage, glue flow, disconnection,Exposed tendon, and dirt.

brushless water pumpquality and performance of DC brushless water pump

Pump parameter test: Test the pump's Head and flow rate and its own use requirements according to the DC pump manual or the test report provided,

Equipment preparation: a. One adjustable regulated DC power supply, b. One sink (box), c. One measuring cup, d. One plastic transparent hose, (The length of the transparent hose depends on the diameter of the inlet and outlet of the pump, If measuring Head mainly: only one plastic transparent hose), e. a toggle switch, f. a power cord with a clip, one red and black line, g. a chronograph, measure the flow rate per minute: Use a ruler to measure the actual height of the water level when measuring Head

To calibrate the test equipment, connect the adjustable regulated DC power supply to AC power:

a. Adjust the current knob to the maximum current position

b. Adjust the output voltage to the actual voltage value of the pump under test

Put the water pump (submersible pump) in the sink (box), and slowly add clean tap water into the sink until it exceeds the height of the water inlet of the pump by more than 20CM. Insert the plastic hose into the outlet of the water pump, and straighten the plastic soft Tube, make the plastic hose vertical to the horizontal plane and fix it. Connect the toggle switch in series to the red wire and press the red and black power cords with clips on the positive and negative poles of the stabilized power supply (the positive and negative poles of the power cord). Don’t reverse the connection.) Make the toggle switch in the power-off state, and then connect the red and black power cords with clips to the red (positive) and black (negative) wires of the water pump power cord. Check the above installation work. , Sure

2. Head test, a. Move the button switch, and the pump will start to work. b. Observe the readings of the ammeter and voltmeter on the stabilized power supply. The current and voltage are within ±5% of the set value, c. Observe the pump Water height, measure the height when the water just overflows

3.Flow test, a. After the water pump is working normally, it is time to test the flow rate for 1 minute. Is the flow rate within the set value ± 5% liters/hour? b. There is no obstruction at the water inlet of the water pump. c. There should be no air or bubbles in the hose. If there is air or bubbles, first turn off the power of the water pump, wait for the water level in the plastic transparent hose to be zero, and then power on again to test Observed. d. Whether the hose and the water outlet of the water pump are in good contact with each other and there is no leakage

4. Water leakage test: a. Insert a plastic transparent hose about 10CM into the water inlet and outlet of the water pump; b. After the water pump is working and pumping out the water, keep the water inlet pipe in the water, block the water outlet tightly by hand, and wipe it. For the water outside the water purification pump, see if there is any dripping or seepage from the pump.

The magnet and the impeller of the brushless water pump are injection molded into an integral part to form the magnetic rotor of the motor. There is a directly injection molded shaft sleeve in the middle of the rotor. The shaft sleeve is made of high wear resistance graphite fixed in the rotor body. The stator and circuit board of the motor use rings. Oxygen resin glue is potted in the pump body. There is a cavity between the stator and the rotor. The pump body cavity is connected to the motor rotor cavity. The motor rotor cavity is completely isolated from the motor stator and motor control. It is made of high-strength zirconia. The shaft connects the motor and the pump body into one body. It is produced by a cavityless vacuum perfusion integrated process. Therefore, it does not need to be equipped with a traditional mechanical shaft seal or shaft lubricating oil. Completely sealed and leak-proof.

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