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What is water heater circulating water pump?


The water heater circulating water pump is a device that allows hot water to reach the water heater quickly, but it has no heating effect. However, the hot water circulating pump can send the cooled hot water in the hot water pipeline to the water heater for reheating through the water return device in the hot water circulating system. This process is known as the circulating water process, also known as hot water circulation. The circulating water pump of the water heater adopts a brushless motor pump, which drives the impeller to rotate through the rotation of the brushless motor, thereby increasing the pressure of the water and allowing it to circulate in the return water management.

water heater circulating water pump

Principle of water heater circulating water pump:

The principle of the water heater circulating pump is that after the water heater is started, the water pump starts up, pumping the hot water from the water heater into the pipeline, driving the cold water from the pipeline into the water heater, allowing the water heater to heat the cold water, and then pumping the hot water from the water heater into the pipeline. This cycle allows the tap to turn on hot water at any time, regardless of the cycle.

When you return home after a busy day, turn on the water heater or faucet, and hot water will flow out without waiting. Is your mood happy? You can also take a hot bath at any time. You can not only reduce pressure, but also recover. This is the wonderful use of the water heater circulating pump.

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