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Application of Brushless DC Water Pump in Chiller


Brushless DC water pump is mainly composed of a brushless motor, a driver, and a water pump impeller. The pump cavity is completely isolated from the motor circuit. It uses magnetic conversion to generate power for the water pump impeller. It is a typical mechatronic product. The motor adopts a carbon-brushless structure, and there are mainly two kinds of inner rotor and outer rotor; the driver is composed of power electronic devices and integrated circuits, etc. The booster pump of the Dongguan chiller mainly controls the start, stop, speed regulation, signal output, etc. of the water pump; the rotor The impeller currently has three main structures: fully enclosed, semi-enclosed and fully open.

Brushless DC Water Pump

The difference between the brushless DC pump and the traditional brush pump and motor pump:

Motor-type brushed water pump: The brushed motor is used, which has short life, high noise, electromagnetic interference, poor sealing, and cannot be used for diving.

DC brushless water pump: using brushless motor, long life, low noise, no electromagnetic interference, good airtightness, long-term diving work.

Traditional brush water pumps and motor-type brushless water pumps, because the motor shaft core and rotor impeller are directly connected in structure, the Dongguan chiller booster pump adopts the shaft sealing method. When working, the shaft core and the gasket are directly rubbed. The lifespan is very short, and its structure is destined to be abrasion-resistant and difficult to waterproof; and in order to improve the waterproofness, grease must be added between the shaft and the gasket, which also limits the limitations of the industry.

The DC brushless water pump uses magnetic conversion instead of the traditional water pump structure. The motor and the rotor impeller are completely isolated by a waterproof chamber. The Dongguan chiller booster pump completely solves the sealing problem. The rotating part uses the perfect combination of zirconia and graphite to reduce mechanical friction. To the lowest, longer life span and lower noise. At present, Shenpeng Electronics can control the noise below 25dB. Because of the brushless motor, the water pump function has also been improved: speed regulation, FG signal output, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, anti-idling protection, overtemperature protection, low-voltage solar start, etc. are all realized.

Water chillers are divided into air-cooled chillers and water chillers in the industry. Chillers are divided into low temperature chillers and normal temperature chillers in terms of temperature control. Normal temperature temperature is generally controlled within the range of 0 degrees to 35 degrees. The temperature control of the cryostat is generally in the range of 0 degrees-minus 100 degrees.

The chiller will generate a lot of heat during the cooling process, and it needs to be dissipated in some way. The chiller water pump plays a role in circulating water to dissipate heat!

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