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Working principle of mixed flow pump


The mixed flow pump is a kind of water pump with the characteristics of both the centrifugal pump and the axial flow pump in its structure and working principle. When the impeller is driven to rotate by the power machinery, the blades push the water body on the one hand, and at the same time drive the water body to rotate to produce centrifugal effect. The water body produces flow and increases pressure under the action of the thrust and centrifugal force of the blades. The water flows into the impeller in the axial direction and then flows out obliquely along the blades. It is often used in occasions with large conveying displacement and medium pressure.

Usually there are two types of volute type and guide vane type. The structure of the volute mixed-flow pump is similar to that of a centrifugal pump. The volute-shaped flow channel is used to convert the kinetic energy obtained by the water flow through the impeller into pressure energy. Generally, medium and small mixed-flow pumps usually adopt a volute structure. Guide vane mixed flow pump is also called diagonal flow pump, its structure is similar to axial flow pump, with small radial size, simple and light structure. Large-scale mixed-flow pumps are mostly guide vanes, and the installation angle of their vanes can generally be adjusted. The head range of the mixed flow pump is generally 3 to 10.5 meters, the starting power is low, and it can adapt to the change of the water level. The flow rate is 0.1 to 50 meters per second; the efficiency can reach 64 to 86%. Since the 1970s, the development of large mixed flow pumps has been rapid, and there is a trend to replace large axial flow pumps in many occasions.

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