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Features of brushless DC pump


brushless DC pump

Brushless DC pump refers to a equipment that uses DC 3V~48V to drive a brushless motor. The rotation of the brushless motor drives the rotation of the impeller, thereby increasing the pressure of the liquid to achieve the effect of transferring the liquid.

1. The brushless DC water pump has good external characteristics and can output large torque at low speeds, so that it can provide large starting torque;  brushless water pump 12v

2. The brushless DC water pump has a wide speed range, and can run at full power at any speed;  bldc aquarium pump

brushless DC pump

3. The brushless DC pump has high efficiency and strong overload capacity, which makes it have excellent performance in the driving system;  gri pumps distributors

4. The regenerative braking effect of the brushless DC water pump is good. Because its rotor is made of permanent magnet material, the motor can enter the generator state when braking;   dc50e pump

5. The brushless DC water pump is small in size and high in power density;   oscillating pump

6. The brushless DC water pump has no mechanical commutator and adopts a fully enclosed structure, which can prevent dust from entering the motor and has high reliability;

7. The drive control of the brushless DC pump is simpler than that of the asynchronous motor.  simply pumps

Application of brushless DC water pump:

1. Water supply functions such as coffee machine, tea set, water heater/hot kettle, water dispenser/drink machine, foot bath, irrigation system/equipment, etc.

2. Oil supply function/high efficiency and energy saving, such as various machine tools, refueling equipment, etc.

DC brushless water pump

DC brushless water pump (3 pieces)

3. Heat dissipation/water circulation system, such as medical system/equipment, automation equipment, electronic refrigerator, indoor and outdoor small fountains, solar fountains, aquarium, hot and cold mattresses, cushions or nursing products.

4. Drainage function, such as mobile air conditioner.

5. Flushing function, such as washing glass system/equipment of various vehicles.

6. Automobile industry: It is used for cold starting of automobile engine under - 40 ℃ in winter, circulating heat dissipation of fuel engine antifreeze at high temperature of 120 ℃, and water circulation heat dissipation of electric vehicle and electric motorcycle.

7. Solar photovoltaic energy products: solar water pump is directly driven by solar panels to work. The solar water pump has three major functions:

1) Energy-saving, 35% less than ordinary DC brush water pump, (2) soft start function, normal start within 1W of power, (3) convenient setting of overvoltage protection function

8. Food industry: It is mainly used for dishwashers, coffee pots, drinking fountains. The shell of the water pump can be made of special food-grade high-temperature resistant materials, and the water pump can work normally for more than 100 degrees continuously. Can reach food grade

9. Household products: aquarium, fountain, foot bath, shower, water heating mattress, computer water cooling system, etc; DC brushless water pump has the characteristics of low noise, long service life and good pressurization effect, which can fully meet the above requirements

10. Mechanical equipment and chemical industry: machine tool equipment water circulation heat dissipation, water chiller circulation heat dissipation, sewage purification treatment, etc

Selection method of brushless DC water pump:

1. First of all, determine the working voltage, current, head and flow, and the caliber size. Generally, the maximum head of the water pump refers to the static head without water flow when the water is pumped to the maximum head. If the customer requires that the water be pumped to a certain height and then maintain a certain water flow, the required head when selecting the water pump must be higher than the specified pumping height. This is determined by the supplier according to the actual situation. Refer to the head flow curve.

2. Determine the volume and shape requirements (threaded interface, inlet and outlet direction, caliber size, etc.)

3. Determine the working environment (temperature, medium)

4. Determine functional requirements (time control, action control, pressure control, flow control, speed control, etc.)

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