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Definition and application of silent water pump


silent water pump

The silent water pump refers to a miniature water pump with extremely low noise. It is equipped with one inlet and one outlet, one for each water inlet and one for water outlet, and can continuously form a vacuum or negative pressure at the inlet; a larger output pressure is formed at the outlet; the working medium is water or liquid; a compact instrument.

silent water pump

At present, most of the silent water pumps on the market are DC silent water pumps, because DC water pumps have long life, no maintenance, small size, high efficiency, low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability, stable operation, and strong waterproofness, which ensure the work The noise is low during operation, and some can reduce the noise below 23db.

The use range of silent water pump:

Silent water pumps are widely used in two industries: aquariums and plumbing mattresses. Because these two industries have long continuous working hours and are closely related to people's daily life, the volume control is very demanding. Imagine that the fish tank in your house makes a huge noise, and no one can bear it, so the silent water pump solves this problem well.

How to select silent water pump?

1. The flow requirement is large (about 4~20 L/min) and the pressure requirement is not high (about 1~3 kg). It is mainly used for water circulation, water sampling, lifting, etc. It requires low noise, long service life, high self-priming suction head, etc.

2. The flow requirement is not high (about 1-5 L/min), but the pressure is high (about 2-11 kg). It is mainly used for spray, pressurization, car washing, etc. It does not need to work under high pressure or heavy load for a long time.

3. It is used for tea table water pumping, spray, etc. The volume is required to be as small as possible, the flow is required to be small, and the noise is low (about 0.1~3 L/min).

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