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Characteristics of water heater pump


water heater pump

Water heater pump refers to the water pump used on the water heater. It is in the hot water pipeline and plays a stabilizing role in the hot water pipeline system. It is usually used in high-rise buildings or residential buildings with low water pressure.

Classification of water heater pumps:

Brushless motor water heater pump: The motor brushless DC water pump is composed of a brushless DC motor and an impeller. The shaft of the motor is connected with the impeller. There is a gap between the stator and the rotor of the water pump. If it is used for a long time, the water will penetrate into the motor and add a hot water circulating pump.

Advantages: Brushless DC Motor in Water Heater Pump has been standardized and mass-produced by specialized manufacturers, with relatively low cost and high efficiency.

water heater pump

Brushless DC magnetic drive Water Heater Pump: The brushless DC water pump adopts electronic component commutation, without carbon brush commutation, and adopts high-performance wear-resistant ceramic shaft and ceramic sleeve. The sleeve is integrated with the magnet through injection molding. Avoid wear, so the life of the brushless DC magnetic pump is greatly enhanced. The stator part and the rotor part of the magnetically isolated water pump are completely isolated. The stator and circuit board parts are potted with epoxy resin, 100% waterproof, the rotor part is made of permanent magnets, and the water pump body is made of environmentally friendly materials, with low noise, small size and performance stable. Various required parameters can be adjusted through the winding of the stator, and it can be operated at a wide voltage.

Advantages: Long life, low noise can reach 35dB or less, can be used for hot water circulation. The stator and circuit board of the motor are potted with epoxy resin and completely isolated from the rotor. They can be installed underwater and are completely waterproof. The shaft of the water pump adopts a high-performance ceramic shaft with high precision and good shock resistance.

Traditional brush water pumps and motor-type brushless water pumps, because the motor shaft core and the rotor impeller are directly connected in structure, the shaft sealing method is adopted. When working, the shaft core and the gasket are directly rubbed, and the service life is very short. Its structure is destined Therefore, it is very difficult to be abrasion-resistant and waterproof; in order to improve the waterproofness, grease must be added between the shaft and the gasket, which limits the limitations of the industry.

The water heater pump adopts magnetic conversion instead of the traditional water pump structure. The motor and the rotor impeller are completely separated by a waterproof chamber, which completely solves the sealing problem. The rotating part uses the perfect combination of zirconia and graphite to minimize mechanical friction, longer life and noise Lower. Because of the brushless motor, the water pump function has also been improved: speed regulation, FG signal output, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, anti-idling protection, overtemperature protection, low-voltage solar starting, etc. can all be done.

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